Shirley Ann Frielink

Father*Grant Allen Frielink b. 29 Jul 1898, d. 19 Apr 1974
Mother*Velma Doreen Ferguson b. 9 Mar 1900, d. 28 Nov 1981
CauseDeathThere was premature separation of the placenta 
Birth*11 February 1928Flint, Genesee, MI 
Death*11 February 1928Women's Hospital, Flint, Genesee, MI 
Witness: Grant Allen Frielink
Burial*13 February 1928Riverside Cemetery, Elsie, Clinton, MI 

Helen Matilda Langworthy

Father*William V. Langworthy b. Apr 1783, d. 14 Feb 1835
Mother*Charlotte (Weaver) French b. c 1788, d. 1851
Birth*22 June 1827Ravenna, Portage, OH; The 1870 Census and the IGI record gives her birth place as OH. The 1880 WI Census gives her father's birth place as NY and IGI records list older sisters and brother birth places in NY. Her immediate family may have moved to OH before her older sister, Jane, was born or before Helen was born. Helen's obitiary states she was born in Utica, NY and that she came to WI in 1846 with her husband. Her death record states she was born in Attica County, NY. 
Married Name1844Barber 
Marriage*26 February 1844Joseph S. Barber; Summit County, OH 
Note*Mary Newell; Andrew Langworthy in 1880 census at Mary's: ancestry going back - Lyman Baker & Ann (McNeil), Elisha Parker & Martha (Barker), Joseph & Azubah (MacWithey), Joseph & Elizabeth (Burdick), Andrew & Patience (Brownell), Andrew & Rachel (Hubbard) - Andrew & Rachel's son, Samuel, is in the line for Helen Langworthy's ancestry, who married Joseph S. Barber 
CauseDeath1902Helen's obituary states she died due to a heart ailment; death record has "old age". 
Death*24 December 1902Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*26 December 1902Plymouth Union Cemetery, Plymouth, WI 


Joseph S. Barber b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Jan 1897
Children 1.Franklin W. Barber+ b. 3 Jul 1845, d. 14 Jan 1908
 2.Frances Judith Barber+ b. 11 Jun 1847, d. 7 Feb 1887
 3.Arthur Clinton Barber b. 24 Oct 1851, d. 18 Oct 1866
 4.Horace L. Barber+ b. Dec 1861, d. Aug 1928
 5.Shurman Barber b. Aug 1865, d. Aug 1865
 6.Owen H. Barber b. Aug 1869, d. 8 Apr 1911

Franklin W. Barber

Father*Joseph S. Barber b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Jan 1897
Mother*Helen Matilda Langworthy b. 22 Jun 1827, d. 24 Dec 1902
Birth*3 July 1845OH 
Milit-Beg*24 February 1864WI; was a Private in the 7th Wisconsin Infantry, Company A. 
Milit-End*3 July 1865 
Marriage*1875Maria Jane Taylor; WI; married for 32yrs at time of Frank's death per his obituary; for 25yrs per 1900 U.S. Census 
Note*Frank survived his brother, Owen, per Owen's death article in 1911, but was not enumerated with wife and daughter in 1910 in Merrill, WI and wife listed as a widow. Owen's obit may have in error. 
Death*14 January 1908Merrill, Lincoln, WI 
NoteFrank was survived by his wife, Maria Jennie (Taylor); children: Norman and Nettie, who live at home Helen, who teaches school at Shell Lake, Joseph, a resident of Oshkosh, and Fannie who is Mrs. David Kaphaem of Tomahawk. Four other children predeceased him. 
Burial*Merrill Memorial Park, Merrill, Lincoln, WI 


Maria Jane Taylor b. 7 Mar 1850, d. 12 Jan 1933
Children 1.Helen Barber b. May 1879, d. a 1905
 2.Joseph Earl Barber b. 6 Sep 1880, d. 7 May 1965
 3.Frances Sadie Barber+ b. Feb 1882, d. 1914
 4.Charles Barber b. 4 Jan 1885, d. 8 Mar 1895
 5.Norman James Barber+ b. 11 Jun 1889, d. 16 Sep 1936
 6.Nettie Isabel Barber+ b. Aug 1893, d. 9 May 1966

Horace L. Barber

Father*Joseph S. Barber b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Jan 1897
Mother*Helen Matilda Langworthy b. 22 Jun 1827, d. 24 Dec 1902
Birth*December 1861Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Marriage*1885Ella C. Rounds; WI 
Note*1911Horace survived his brother, Owen. 
Residence*1920Ella C. Rounds; 611 Second Ave., Baraboo, WI 
Occupation*a freight brakeman for the Chicago and Northwestern railroads - Madison Div 
Death*August 1928Sauk County, WI 
Burial*1928Walnut Hill Cemetery, Baraboo, Sauk, WI 


Ella C. Rounds b. 19 Jun 1869, d. 10 Nov 1950
Children 1.Adelbert Barber b. Dec 1885, d. 1906
 2.Arthur M. Barber b. 1888, d. 1899
 3.Archie Ralph Barber b. 8 May 1889, d. 7 May 1947
 4.Floyd M. Barber b. 1891, d. 1892
 5.Forest Marvin "Jack" Barber+ b. 16 May 1894, d. 26 Jul 1956
 6.Glenn Arthur Barber+ b. 13 Jun 1906, d. 7 Apr 1977

Owen H. Barber

Father*Joseph S. Barber b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Jan 1897
Mother*Helen Matilda Langworthy b. 22 Jun 1827, d. 24 Dec 1902
Birth*August 1869Sheyboygan County, WI 
Marriage*14 March 1895Anna Helen Zinkgraf; Sheboygan County, WI 
Occupation*a showman in 1900, a lather in 1910 
Death*8 April 1911Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Spokane, WA; (Owen Barber) "the brother-in-law of John Zinkgraf died on Saturday in Spokane, Washington from gun-shot wounds. Besides his wife (Annie Zinkgraf) he is survived by two brothers, Horace and Frank Barber." (but Frank had died in 1908) 
CauseDeath"Owen H. Barber, who during a spell of melancholia, shot himself in a hotel at Spokane, Wash., died in a hospital at that city last week. The deceased was forty two years old and a son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barber of the town of Plymouth.
Sixteen years ago he was married to Miss Annie Zinkgraf, daughter of John Zinkgraf of the town of Plymouth and several years after they went west.
At his bedside when the end came were his brother Horace and wife of Barraboo." - pub 13 April 1911 in Sheboygan Press 
Burial*Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Spokane, Spokane, WA 


Anna Helen Zinkgraf b. 4 Apr 1874, d. a 1960

Vernon Eugene Gibson

Father*Byron Timothy Gibson b. 13 Feb 1833, d. 5 Dec 1909
Mother*Mary Ann Town b. 1843, d. 21 Aug 1883
Birth*1875Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Marriage*1898Marcelline Lamkin; MN 
CauseDeathwas crushed by falling earth 
Death*21 September 1907Walker, Cass, MN; his father owned land in Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN 
Burial*Evergreen Cemetery, Brainerd, Crow Wing, MN 


Marcelline Lamkin b. Jun 1882, d. 14 Nov 1975
Children 1.Marie Orpha Gibson+ b. Dec 1899, d. 20 Aug 1972
 2.Royal Byron Gibson b. 11 Nov 1903, d. 18 Jun 1971
 3.Leslie Gibson b. 24 Jun 1906

Lillie Town

Father*Ira Richard Town b. 1820, d. 28 Jul 1892
Mother*Cynthia Webb b. 29 May 1820, d. 5 Jul 1874
Birth*1865Taycheedah, Fond du Lac, WI 
Death*18 February 1883Taycheedah, Fond du Lac, WI 
Burial*Taycheedah Cemetery, Taycheedah, Fond du Lac, WI 

Henry J. Lewis

Father*James Lewis b. 10 Jun 1822, d. 8 Apr 1892
Mother*Betsy Stoughtenger b. c 1827, d. c 1857
Birth*1848Mexico, Oswego, NY; His age is given as 6 years in the 1855 state census, but older in federal census years; he could have been born in 1847. 
Milit-Beg*4 September 1862with his occupation noted as blacksmith. He was in Company G and his cousin, Joseph, was also in that Company and wounded badly at Getteysburg requiring a leg amputation that resulted in his death two weeks later.

Henry was transferred to Co. B of the 22 Regt. on November 13, 1863. He was at Camp Cleveland when it came under attack. On June 23, 1865, he was discharged with a Surgeon's Certificate of Disability. The 1880 census notes that he had inflammatory rheumatism. On 10 May 1879, veteran Henry J. Lewis applied for Invalid Benefits. 
Residence*between 1864 and 1865166 E. Second, Oswego, Oswego, NY; and was employed as a clerk, but this may have just been a home address given for Henry while serving in the Civil War 
Marriage*1866Eliza A. Foster; Oswego County, NY 
Event-Misc*On October 25, 1881, a Henry Lewis entered the Cayuga County Poor House. His age was noted as 37 years old (perhaps a clerical error), married with six children with disabling rheumatism. The rest of his family was in an asylum. 
Death*31 October 1881Sennett, Cayuga, NY 
Burial*County House Cemetery, Sennett, Cayuga, NY 


Eliza A. Foster b. c 1843, d. 21 Jun 1907
Children 1.Orianna "Addie" Lewis+ b. May 1867, d. 3 Oct 1937
 2.Emma Lewis b. Apr 1870
 3.William H. Lewis b. 1873, d. 1917
 4.Richard Lewis+ b. Mar 1875, d. 13 Sep 1946
 5.George Lewis b. Jul 1877

Anna Eliza Lewis

Father*James Lewis b. 10 Jun 1822, d. 8 Apr 1892
Mother*Betsy Stoughtenger b. c 1827, d. c 1857
Birth*circa 1849Oswego, Oswego, NY 
Death*before 1892 

Sarah A. Cotterill

Father*Peter Cotterill b. 1832, d. 1892
Mother*Elizabeth Abbey b. Sep 1838, d. 1910
Birth*1869Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI 
Married NameBricker 
Marriage*11 November 1888Dr. James Morris Bricker; Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI; witnesses were Alono and Nettie Paul; Asabel W. Paul officiated. 
CauseDeathThe year before she died, Sarah had the grippe, from which she never recovered and resulted in consumption. 
Death*10 April 1894home of John Bricker, Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*1894Greenbush Cemetery, Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI 


Dr. James Morris Bricker b. 7 Oct 1867, d. Dec 1933

Arthur Clinton Barber

Father*Joseph S. Barber b. 27 Mar 1817, d. 17 Jan 1897
Mother*Helen Matilda Langworthy b. 22 Jun 1827, d. 24 Dec 1902
Birth*24 October 1851Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Death*18 October 1866Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*October 1866Union Cemetery, Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 

Elsie Edith Fuller

Father*Arch Bonnell Fuller b. 11 Oct 1883, d. 24 Aug 1958
Mother*Violet Wonders b. 18 Dec 1884, d. 11 Oct 1921
Birth*3 October 1907Cook County, IL; she is named after both her grandmothers 
Married Name27 May 1934Gibson 
Marriage*27 May 1934Royal John Gibson 
Ordination*1935Arustic County, ME 
Education*She graduated from Taylor University in Upland IN in 1931, received her Bachelors' of Divinity degree from Hartford Theological Seminary in 1934 and Masters' of Divinity in 1935. 
Anecdote*Elsie was legally blind her entire life. But she did not let that stop her from going to college and the seminary. She published articles in "Cross and Crown", "Cross Currents", "Christian Century" and "Christianity in Crisis", "A Protestant Response to The English Letters of Abbot Marmion" pgs 345-356 in 1963 in American Benedictine Review, "Protestant Women in Religion" in the Sep 1967 issue of Review for Religious and authored several books including one used as a text and When a Minister is a Woman published in NewYork in 1970. 
Occupation*Rev Gibson was a pioneer in ecumenical studies who served as a Protestant observer to Vatican II. She also published many articles and books. 
Death*9 November 2003Avery Heights, Hartford, CT 
Note*Rev. Gibson was survived by her two sons, the Rev. R. Bricker Gibson of Harpswell ME and David A. Gibson of Phoenix AZ; a brother, Robert Fuller of Hartford; four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by her husband, Rev. Royal John Gibson in 1986. 
NoteMemorial contributions suggested to the Supplemental Fund at Avery Heights in Hartford, Emmanuel Congregational Chruch in Hartford or the John Milton Society for the Blind. 
Funeral*21 November 2003Chapel of Avery Heights, Hartford, CT; at 2 p.m. 
BurialHillcrest Cemetery, Harpswell, ME; at the convenience of the family 


Royal John Gibson b. 16 Jul 1905, d. 22 Jan 1986
Children 1.Royal Bricker Gibson+ b. 1 May 1936, d. 1 Sep 2019
 2.David Andre Gibson+ b. 12 Jul 1939, d. 27 Mar 2004

Royal Bricker Gibson

Father*Royal John Gibson b. 16 Jul 1905, d. 22 Jan 1986
Mother*Elsie Edith Fuller b. 3 Oct 1907, d. 9 Nov 2003
Birth*1 May 1936MT 
Anecdote*"The weather scares we have had were when we were kids over 50 years ago in Oklahoma. I was on air working as a DJ at a local radio station, when a twister pulled the roof right off the station. I dove under the console! Later, I drove over to Woodward, OK to report on damage. I saw two things that have stuck in my mind ever since: Telephone poles that looked like porcupines with straw driven in by the wind in huge numbers, and a huge Massey Ferguson tractor sitting on top of the town grain silo." 
Education*atteded Drury College and Missouri State, graduating from Northwestern Oklahoma State University in 1959 
Ordination*1963Hartford Seminary, Hartford, CT 
AnecdoteBrick enjoyed sailing, reading, jazz, travel, sports, especially basketball and the New England Patriots, and service to his communities. 
AnecdoteHe was an engaging preacher and story teller. His love of debating was evident throughout his life who had been a highly ranked national debater in high school and college. 
Occupation*was a Reverend who served churches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York; was an interim minister in three UCC churches during his retirement in ME; was also a certified financial planner and a stewardship advisor to local churches in MA and ME 
CauseDeathhad COPD and heart issues 
Death*1 September 2019Mid-Coast Hospital, Brunswick, ME 
Note*Brick was survived by his wife, Carolyn; his daughter, Susan and her husband, David of Epsom, England, son, Deren and his wife, Orla, of Hingham, Mass.; and grandchildren, Carey and Christopher Sevier and Conor and Aislinn Gibson. 
Funeral*A memorial service was held at Elijah Kellogg Church in Harpswell on 21 Sep 2019. 
BurialChurch cemetery, Harpswell, ME 

David Andre Gibson

Father*Royal John Gibson b. 16 Jul 1905, d. 22 Jan 1986
Mother*Elsie Edith Fuller b. 3 Oct 1907, d. 9 Nov 2003
Birth*12 July 1939MT 
Death*27 March 2004Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ 
Funeral*3 April 2004Hansen Chapel, Phoenix, AZ; at 10:00 a.m.; contributions suggested to a church charity of donor's choice per obit in the Arizona Republic on 28 March 2004 

Nancy Lynn Lewis

Father*Ralph Wesley Lewis b. 7 Apr 1925, d. 4 Jun 2019
Mother*Donna Mae Peterson b. 28 Apr 1928, d. 28 Nov 2019

Family 2

Richard C. Mason

James Wesley Barber

Father*John R. Barber b. 12 Jul 1810, d. 12 Jan 1881
Mother*Rebecca Hardgrove b. 28 Jun 1812, d. 1 Nov 1900
Birth*January 1833OH 
Marriage*28 February 1858Elizabeth Boyer; Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI; her marriage license to John Bricker states "date unknown 1861" for her previous marriage, but her son James, was born in 1858 
Residence*1900Glenbeulah, Sheboygan, WI 
Occupation*a farmer 
Death*18 February 1908Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*Maple Grove Cemetery, Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 


Elizabeth Boyer b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924
Children 1.James Parker Barber b. 23 Jun 1858, d. 8 Dec 1940
 2.Dora Ann Barber b. 28 Mar 1862, d. 13 Nov 1936
 3.Cora Barber b. 1867, d. 1899
 4.Alvin O. Barber b. 20 Sep 1869, d. May 1893
 5.Eugene William Barber b. 9 Jul 1872, d. 17 Jan 1949
 6.Wilfred Ervin Barber b. 7 Jun 1879, d. 18 Jun 1963
 7.Myrtle L. Barber b. Apr 1889, d. 13 Sep 1965

James Parker Barber

Father*James Wesley Barber b. Jan 1833, d. 18 Feb 1908
Mother*Elizabeth Boyer b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924
Birth*23 June 1858Glenbeulah, Sheboygan, WI 
Residence*1936Madison, WI 
Death*8 December 1940La Crosse, La Crosse, WI 
Burial*Riverside Cemetery, Nekoosa, Wood, WI 

Dora Ann Barber

Father*James Wesley Barber b. Jan 1833, d. 18 Feb 1908
Mother*Elizabeth Boyer b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924
Birth*28 March 1862Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Married NameAndrews 
Marriage*18 March 1884Joseph O. Andrews; Sheboygan County, WI 
Married NameWoods 
Marriage*29 December 1887James Zachariah Woods; Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
CauseDeathchronic myocarditis 
Death*13 November 1936St. Nicholas Hospital, Sheboygan, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*Greenbush Cemetery, Greenbush, Sheboygan, WI 

Family 1

Joseph O. Andrews b. c 1858, d. b Dec 1887

Family 2

James Zachariah Woods b. 11 May 1845, d. Feb 1927

Cora Barber

Father*James Wesley Barber b. Jan 1833, d. 18 Feb 1908
Mother*Elizabeth Boyer b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924
Birth*1867Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Married NameTaylor 
Marriage*5 October 1892Thomas Bowe Taylor; Sheboygan County, WI 
Death*1899WI; Thomas noted as a widower in 1900 and 1910 census records. 
Burial*Oak Grove Cemetery, Lacrosse, Lacrosse, WI 


Thomas Bowe Taylor b. Sep 1857, d. 3 Dec 1917

Alvin O. Barber

Father*James Wesley Barber b. Jan 1833, d. 18 Feb 1908
Mother*Elizabeth Boyer b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924
Birth*20 September 1869Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Marriage*9 August 1892Gusta M. Zehr; home of bride's parents, Cascade, Sheboygan, WI; Gusta M. Zehr 
Occupation*a railroad brakeman 
Death*May 1893fell from a train, Iron Mountain, Dickinson, MI 
Burial*June 1893Cascade, Scheboygan, WI 


Gusta M. Zehr b. c 1872, d. 2 Apr 1893

William Boyer

Birth*circa 1814MA 
Marriage*27 August 1837Mary Ann O'Neill; Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Salem, Essex, MA 
Death*5 September 1872Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*Maple Grove Cemetery, Sheboygan County, WI; has a veteran's marker 


Mary Ann O'Neill b. 23 Dec 1820, d. 6 Oct 1896
Child 1.Elizabeth Boyer+ b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924

Mary Ann O'Neill

Birth*23 December 1820Brockton, Plymouth, MA 
Married NameBoyer 
Marriage*27 August 1837William Boyer; Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Salem, Essex, MA 
Death*6 October 1896Plymouth, Sheboygan, WI 
Burial*Maple Grove Cemetery, Sheboygan County, WI 


William Boyer b. c 1814, d. 5 Sep 1872
Child 1.Elizabeth Boyer+ b. 7 Feb 1840, d. 28 Dec 1924

Anna Helen Zinkgraf

Note*parents John and Mary Zinkgraf, in 1870 census in Plymouth, Sheboygan, son John, age 14 (John Zinkgraf mentioned as brother-in-law in Owen Barber's obit and there is no other John Zinkgraf of similar age to Owen) 1870 census, pg 8, fam # 58 taken 8 July: John, age 45, farmer; Mary, age 34,keeping house; both b Bavaria; John, age 14; Peter, age 12; Henry, age 10; Charles, age 6; Mary, age 4; Julius, age 2 - all children b WI (Anna not yet born) ( 1920 census, Julius Zinkgraf in Spokane county WA) 
Birth*4 April 1874WI 
Married NameBarber 
Marriage*14 March 1895Owen H. Barber; Sheboygan County, WI 
Occupation*an actress in 1900 and dressmaker in 1910 
Married Name1913Mrs. Oscar Sandstrom 
Note9 February 1939Oscar J. Sandstrom died in Spokane WA on 
Residence*1960W 2315 Dean Ave, Spokane, WA 
Burial*Fairmount Memorial Park, Spokane, Spokane, WA; Her ashes are stored here. 
Death*after 1960Spokane County, WA; surname at death was Sandstrom 


Owen H. Barber b. Aug 1869, d. 8 Apr 1911