Edward Albert Truax

Birth*4 August 1875IN 
Marriage*21 August 1900Theresa A. Welte; Templeton County, IA 
Occupation*an immigration inspector for the U.S. Gov in Seattle and Whatcom County WA 
Death*1 October 1960Bellingham, Whatcom, WA 
Burial*Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom, WA 


Theresa A. Welte b. Dec 1870, d. 11 Apr 1954

Byron Albert Rivard

Father*Albert David Rivard b. 30 Nov 1887, d. 4 Jan 1938
Mother*Rose M. Romain b. 13 Apr 1891, d. Dec 1955
Birth*26 November 1918Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*28 July 1940Murel Isabelle Yeaman; Imlay City, Lapeer, MI 
Death*February 1985Macomb County, MI 
Burial*7 February 1985Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 


Murel Isabelle Yeaman b. 5 May 1919, d. 12 Jan 2015

Murel Isabelle Yeaman

Birth*5 May 1919Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Married NameRivard 
Marriage*28 July 1940Byron Albert Rivard; Imlay City, Lapeer, MI 
Anecdote*During the war years, Murel worked outside the home. Later she devoted herself to her husband and family and keeping a beautiful home for them.

She grew flowers and vegetables, enjoyed playing cards, knitting and crocheting creating afghans that were very useful and sometimes given as gifts to lucky recipients.

She was a long time member of St. Louis Catholic Church.

Traveling with her husband to Alaska and Hawaii created wonderful memories. 
Death*12 January 2015Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 
Note*She was survived by her three children Rozalind Bussineau, Byron Charles (Kathleen) Rivard, Ross (Frances) Rivard, six grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. Her husband, Byron, died in 1985. 
Funeral*19 January 2015St. Louis Catholic Church, Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 
Burial19 January 2015Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Twp., MI 


Byron Albert Rivard b. 26 Nov 1918, d. Feb 1985

Theresa Rivard

Father*Magloire "Greg" Rivard b. 21 Jun 1841, d. 8 Mar 1926
Mother*Susanne Marsac b. c 1850, d. 29 Nov 1890
Birth*10 September 1887Chesterfield Twp, Macomb, MI 
Death*10 March 1896Chesterfield Twp, Macomb, MI 

Mary L. Connor

Father*Richard Basil Connor b. 18 Jan 1849
Mother*Archange Rivard b. 9 Jun 1849, d. 8 Feb 1916
Birth*3 December 1876Grosse Poinet, Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Marriage30 June 1909George E. DeMay, Cecelia T. Schulte; Detroit, Wayne, MI; Fr B.J. Wenimins (?) officiated with witnesses Anthony Schulte and Antoinette Zinser, both of Detroit 
Death*21 June 1947Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 

Able Connor

Father*Richard Basil Connor b. 18 Jan 1849
Mother*Archange Rivard b. 9 Jun 1849, d. 8 Feb 1916
Death*2 November 1878Harrison Twp., Macomb, MI 

John H. Connor

Father*Henry Connor b. 7 Oct 1780, d. 15 Sep 1840
Mother*Theresa Trombly b. 20 Jan 1787, d. 1872
Birth*3 December 1811Detroit, Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Baptism21 February 1829Mary Agnes (Sister Mary Ambrose, CSC) Corby; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*16 October 1835Josephine Bondy; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, MI 
Death*2 March 1876Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


Josephine Bondy b. 1812, d. 16 Mar 1901
Child 1.Richard P. Connor b. c 1842

Josephine Bondy

Marriage*16 October 1835John H. Connor; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, MI 
Married NameConnor 
CauseDeathhad edema of the lungs and "old age" 
Death*16 March 1901Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 
Burial*19 March 1901St. Peter's Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


John H. Connor b. 3 Dec 1811, d. 2 Mar 1876
Child 1.Richard P. Connor b. c 1842

Mary Martha Peltier

Father*George Peltier b. 13 Jan 1851, d. 9 Jul 1918
Mother*Victoria Johns b. 9 May 1857, d. 29 Nov 1889
Birth*9 September 1876New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 
Marriage*11 April 1899Daniel Rivard; New Baltimore, Macomb, MI; Fr. Charles J. Koenig officiated with witnesses Daniel Furton and Alvira Pelky, both of New Baltimore 
Married Name11 April 1899Rivard 
CauseDeathhad congestive heart disease 
Death*4 April 1941New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 
Burial*7 April 1941St. Mary's Cemetery, New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 


Daniel Rivard b. 1 Apr 1869, d. 6 Oct 1938

Peter J. Labadie

Birth*16 June 1881Erin Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*21 August 1911Louise Ann Rivard; L'Anse Creuse, Macomb, MI; Fr Don D. O'Shea officiated with witnesses Nelson Labadie Jr. of Detroit and Lucy Rivard of L'Anse Creuse 
Witness: Lucy Rivard
Death*13 December 1968Macomb County, MI 
Burial*St. Peter Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


Louise Ann Rivard b. 5 Feb 1886, d. 17 Feb 1960

Abraham Trombley

Birth*12 November 1893Lake Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*5 February 1917Lottie DeHate; Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI; Fr. Alonzo H.B. Nacy officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Macomb County and Violet DeHate of Grosse Pointe 
(Witness) Death5 March 1919Lottie DeHate; Lake Twp, Macomb, MI 
Marriage*31 August 1920Lucy Rivard; L'Anse Creuse, Macomb, MI; Fr John D. O'Shea officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Detroit and Anna Rivard of Mt. Clemens 
Witness: Nancy Rivard
Employment*Ford Motor Car Co, main plant in Dearborn 
Attributes*Abe was of medium height and build with brown eyes and hair in 1917. 
Burial*12 April 1958Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 

Family 1

Lottie DeHate b. Oct 1890, d. 5 Mar 1919

Family 2

Lucy Rivard b. 2 Mar 1892, d. 1968

Lottie DeHate

Birth*October 1890Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne, MI 
Married NameTrombley 
Marriage*5 February 1917Abraham Trombley; Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI; Fr. Alonzo H.B. Nacy officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Macomb County and Violet DeHate of Grosse Pointe 
CauseDeathhad lobar pneumonia 
Death*5 March 1919Lake Twp, Macomb, MI 
Witness: Abraham Trombley
Burial*8 March 1919St. Paul Cemetery, Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 


Abraham Trombley b. 12 Nov 1893, d. 1958

William D. Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*28 October 1875Macomb County, MI 
Occupation*a lunch counter as a cook 
Death*24 May 1935Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA 
Burial*Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA 

Anna Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*20 February 1878Macomb County, MI 
CauseDeathhad lobar pneumonia and acute myocarditis 
Death*26 March 1928Linwood, Bay, MI 
Witness: George Revord
Burial*28 March 1928Linwood, Bay, MI 

Alexander Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*11 February 1874Macomb County, MI 
Employment*a lunch counter as a cook when he lived in Aberdeen WA 
Death*12 January 1941Spokane, Spokane, WA 

Sophia J. Rivard

Father*Antoine M. Rivard b. 5 Dec 1797, d. 31 Oct 1887
Mother*Julia Gouin Marsac b. 1 Feb 1806, d. 17 Mar 1888
Birth*22 October 1827MI 
Married NameMrs. Dubay 
CauseDeathhad senility 
Death*27 February 1909Hamtramck, Wayne, MI 
Burial*2 March 1909Assumption Grotto Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 

Thomas Brockelsby

Birth*19 March 1845England 
Marriage*8 May 1901Mary Blonde; Bad Axe, Huron, MI; Rev E. L. Moon officiated with witnesses John Andrew and Mrs. Susan Pife, both of Bad Axe 
(Witness) Death31 January 1908Mary Blonde; Austin Twp., Sanilac, MI 
CauseDeathhad some paralysis, also gangrene with general sepsis 
Death*27 March 1925Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*30 March 1925Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 


Mary Blonde b. 15 Apr 1859, d. 31 Jan 1908

Anna (Spense) Smart

Married NameRivard 
Marriage*5 May 1890William E. Rivard; Grand Rapids, Kent, MI; John Graham, Minister of the Gospel, officiated with witnesses Cornelius L. Harvey and Cornelius J. DeYoung, both of Grand Rapids 
CauseDeathhad an abdominal tumor and asthma 
Death*25 November 1906Grand Rapids, Kent, MI 
Burial*27 November 1906Fairplains Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI 


William E. Rivard b. 2 Feb 1835, d. 28 Mar 1910

Francis Marsack

Father*Catejan Marsack b. 1803, d. a 1870
Mother*Clotilde (?) b. 1803, d. 3 Sep 1876
Birth*9 August 1828Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*15 May 1849Rose Laderoute; Wayne County, MI 
NoteCatejan Marsack; On following page of 1870 census from Frank and Rose were Catejan & Christine Marsac with Charles Bonde, age 9, in their household. 
CauseDeathhad general debility 
Death*22 March 1910Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*24 March 1910Assumption Grotto Cemetery, Detroit, MI 


Rose Laderoute b. 18 Jun 1830, d. 8 Sep 1891
Child 1.Josephine Bondy Marsack+ b. c 1868, d. 20 Mar 1911

Bertram Albright Miller

Birth*10 December 1895Williams, Hamilton, IA 
Marriage*1 December 1917Eva Clare Cartwright; Hardin County, IA 
Milit-End*served in the U.S. Army from 24 Jun 1918 - 10 Jun 1919 
Employment*Standard Oil Co as a relief man, then an auto mechanic at Midway Motors in Albert Lea MN 
Death*7 October 1985Freeborn County, MN 


Eva Clare Cartwright b. 23 Oct 1899, d. 15 Oct 2001

Philomena Marsack

Father*Catejan Marsack b. 1803, d. a 1870
Birth*1843Wayne County, MI 
Note*Philomene Marsac, a sister of Francis, married Joseph Bondy on 4 Nov 1859 in Wayne County per DiBean Marriage records. Per 1860 census records they were then ages 26 and 16.

Children named Isadore, Emma and Victorine.

Census in 1900 has a Joseph Bondy, b 1834, at the Kalamazoo Asylum still there in 1920. 
NoteBirth record for Victorine Bondi, b b 15 Nov 1867 in Detroit, parents Joseph & Philomena (Marsac) Bondi 

Catejan Marsack

Marriage*Clotilde (?); Wayne County, MI 
Note*Francis Marsack; On following page of 1870 census from Frank and Rose were Catejan & Christine Marsac with Charles Bonde, age 9, in their household. 
Death*after 1870 

Family 1

Clotilde (?) b. 1803, d. 3 Sep 1876
Child 1.Francis Marsack+ b. 9 Aug 1828, d. 22 Mar 1910

Family 2

Child 1.Philomena Marsack b. 1843

Wallace Furton

Father*Fabian Frederick Furton/Freton b. Mar 1837
Mother*Amelia/Emily Meldrum b. 9 Mar 1833, d. 17 Jan 1899
Birth*28 February 1865Chesterfield Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*Amanda Meldrum; Macomb County, MI 
CauseDeathhad chronic nephritis and dropsy 
Death*22 September 1932Chesterfield Twp., Macomb, MI 
Witness: Walter William Furton
Burial*26 September 1932New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 


Amanda Meldrum b. 10 Nov 1865, d. 1 Jan 1893
Child 1.Walter William Furton b. 20 Jan 1891, d. 7 Oct 1949

Agnes Rivard

Father*Louis D. Rivard b. 22 Oct 1858, d. 7 Jun 1921
Mother*Margaret Ellen Green b. 20 Apr 1870, d. 28 Oct 1908
Birth*November 1895Marine City, St. Clair, MI 
Note*Charles W. Killewald died 02 Feb 1929 in Highland Park MI. 
Married Name10 July 1930Mrs. Charles N. Anderson; in Detroit, MI with Fr A. Korn officiating with witnesses William & Evilin Vinton 
Occupation*her 2nd husband, Charles N. Anderson, was a locomotive engineer 
Death*after 1940 

John J. McLoon

Birth*20 July 1877Pontiac, Oakland, MI 
Marriage*25 April 1906Eugenia J. Rivard; New Baltimore, Macomb, MI; Fr. C.J. Roeing officiated with witnesses William McLean of Pontiac and Catherine Rivard of New Baltimore 
Witness: Catherine Rivard
Death*23 November 1912Pontiac, Oakland, MI 


Eugenia J. Rivard b. 25 Dec 1879, d. Mar 1966

Elizabeth Rivard

Father*Antoine Rivard b. 22 Apr 1806, d. 13 Aug 1888
Mother*Euphrosine dit St. Louis Villers b. 21 Jun 1817, d. a 1881
Birth*1853Sandwich East, Essex, Ontario, Canada 
CauseDeathhad apoplexy 
Death*1 December 1919Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada; surname at death was Hamlin 
Burial*St. Alphonsus Cemetery, Essex, Ontario, Canada 

Russell William Rivard

Father*Oliver Magloire Rivard b. 19 Jul 1863, d. 13 Jul 1941
Mother*Rose Chauvin b. 30 Aug 1873, d. 30 Jul 1948
Birth*30 May 1909Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 
Death*21 June 1909Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne, MI 
CauseDeathhad valvular trouble of the heart 
Burial*25 June 1909Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 

Jennie Huddleston

Birth*April 1870Blackford County, IN 
Married NameSmith 
Marriage*1 March 1890Harvey E. Smith; Montpelier, Wells, IN; after Jennie died, he married Nettie Baumgardner 
CauseDeathhad appendicitis 
Death*31 May 1911at a local hospital, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 
Burial*2 June 1911Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 


Harvey E. Smith b. 19 Oct 1865, d. 4 Jun 1934

Ida (Barney) Hinckley

Birth*29 December 1913ID 
Married NameSommer 
Marriage*26 April 1946Hyrum Samuel Sommer; Spanish Fork, Utah, UT 
Death*1 July 1974Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID 
Burial*Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID 


Hyrum Samuel Sommer b. 8 Jan 1904, d. 20 May 1964

William Tucker

Marriage*7 December 1773Catherine Hazel; Shenandoah County, VA 
Death*7 March 1805Harrison Twp., Macomb, MI 


Catherine Hazel b. 1755, d. 1848
Child 1.John Tucker+ b. 12 Nov 1784, d. 13 Sep 1847