Edward Albert Truax

Birth*4 August 1875IN 
Marriage*21 August 1900Theresa A. Welte; Templeton County, IA 
Occupation*an immigration inspector for the U.S. Gov in Seattle and Whatcom County WA 
Death*1 October 1960Bellingham, Whatcom, WA 
Burial*Bayview Cemetery, Bellingham, Whatcom, WA 


Theresa A. Welte b. Dec 1870, d. 11 Apr 1954

Byron Albert Rivard

Father*Albert David Rivard b. 30 Nov 1887, d. 4 Jan 1938
Mother*Rose M. Romain b. 13 Apr 1891, d. Dec 1955
Birth*26 November 1918Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*28 July 1940Murel Isabelle Yeaman; Imlay City, Lapeer, MI 
Death*February 1985Macomb County, MI 
Burial*7 February 1985Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 


Murel Isabelle Yeaman b. 5 May 1919, d. 12 Jan 2015

Murel Isabelle Yeaman

Birth*5 May 1919Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Married NameRivard 
Marriage*28 July 1940Byron Albert Rivard; Imlay City, Lapeer, MI 
Death*12 January 2015Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 
Funeral*19 January 2015St. Louis Catholic Church, Clinton Twp., Macomb, MI 
Burial19 January 2015Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Twp., MI 


Byron Albert Rivard b. 26 Nov 1918, d. Feb 1985

Theresa Rivard

Father*Magloire "Greg" Rivard b. 21 Jun 1841, d. 8 Mar 1926
Mother*Susanne Marsac b. c 1850, d. 29 Nov 1890
Birth*10 September 1887Chesterfield Twp, Macomb, MI 
Death*10 March 1896Chesterfield Twp, Macomb, MI 

Mary L. Connor

Father*Richard Basil Connor b. 18 Jan 1849
Mother*Archange Rivard b. 9 Jun 1849, d. 8 Feb 1916
Birth*3 December 1876Grosse Poinet, Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Marriage30 June 1909George E. DeMay, Cecelia T. Schulte; Detroit, Wayne, MI; Fr B.J. Wenimins (?) officiated with witnesses Anthony Schulte and Antoinette Zinser, both of Detroit 
Death*21 June 1947Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 

Able Connor

Father*Richard Basil Connor b. 18 Jan 1849
Mother*Archange Rivard b. 9 Jun 1849, d. 8 Feb 1916
Death*2 November 1878Harrison Twp., Macomb, MI 

John H. Connor

Father*Henry Connor b. 7 Oct 1780, d. 15 Sep 1840
Mother*Theresa Trombly b. 20 Jan 1787, d. 1872
Birth*3 December 1811Detroit, Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Baptism21 February 1829Mary Agnes (Sister Mary Ambrose, CSC) Corby; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*16 October 1835Josephine Bondy; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, MI 
Death*2 March 1876Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


Josephine Bondy b. 1812, d. 16 Mar 1901
Child 1.Richard P. Connor b. c 1842

Josephine Bondy

Marriage*16 October 1835John H. Connor; St. Anne Catholic Church, Detroit, MI 
Married NameConnor 
CauseDeathhad edema of the lungs and "old age" 
Death*16 March 1901Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 
Burial*19 March 1901St. Peter's Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


John H. Connor b. 3 Dec 1811, d. 2 Mar 1876
Child 1.Richard P. Connor b. c 1842

Mary Martha Peltier

Father*George Peltier b. 13 Jan 1851, d. 9 Jul 1918
Mother*Victoria Johns b. 9 May 1857, d. 29 Nov 1889
Birth*9 September 1876New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 
Marriage*11 April 1899Daniel Rivard; New Baltimore, Macomb, MI; Fr. Charles J. Koenig officiated with witnesses Daniel Furton and Alvira Pelky, both of New Baltimore 
Married Name11 April 1899Rivard 
CauseDeathhad congestive heart disease 
Death*4 April 1941New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 
Burial*7 April 1941St. Mary's Cemetery, New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 


Daniel Rivard b. 1 Apr 1869, d. 6 Oct 1938

Peter J. Labadie

Birth*16 June 1881Erin Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*21 August 1911Louise Ann Rivard; L'Anse Creuse, Macomb, MI; Fr Don D. O'Shea officiated with witnesses Nelson Labadie Jr. of Detroit and Lucy Rivard of L'Anse Creuse 
Witness: Lucy Rivard
Death*13 December 1968Macomb County, MI 
Burial*St. Peter Cemetery, Mt. Clemens, Macomb, MI 


Louise Ann Rivard b. 5 Feb 1886, d. 17 Feb 1960

Abraham Trombley

Birth*12 November 1893Lake Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*5 February 1917Lottie DeHate; Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI; Fr. Alonzo H.B. Nacy officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Macomb County and Violet DeHate of Grosse Pointe 
(Witness) Death5 March 1919Lottie DeHate; Lake Twp, Macomb, MI 
Marriage*31 August 1920Lucy Rivard; L'Anse Creuse, Macomb, MI; Fr John D. O'Shea officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Detroit and Anna Rivard of Mt. Clemens 
Witness: Nancy Rivard
Employment*Ford Motor Car Co, main plant in Dearborn 
Attributes*Abe was of medium height and build with brown eyes and hair in 1917. 
Burial*12 April 1958Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 

Family 1

Lottie DeHate b. Oct 1890, d. 5 Mar 1919

Family 2

Lucy Rivard b. 2 Mar 1892, d. 1968

Lottie DeHate

Birth*October 1890Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne, MI 
Married NameTrombley 
Marriage*5 February 1917Abraham Trombley; Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI; Fr. Alonzo H.B. Nacy officiated with witnesses William Trombley of Macomb County and Violet DeHate of Grosse Pointe 
CauseDeathhad lobar pneumonia 
Death*5 March 1919Lake Twp, Macomb, MI 
Witness: Abraham Trombley
Burial*8 March 1919St. Paul Cemetery, Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 


Abraham Trombley b. 12 Nov 1893, d. 1958

William D. Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*28 October 1875Macomb County, MI 
Occupation*a lunch counter as a cook 
Death*24 May 1935Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA 
Burial*Fern Hill Cemetery, Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, WA 

Anna Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*20 February 1878Macomb County, MI 
CauseDeathhad lobar pneumonia and acute myocarditis 
Death*26 March 1928Linwood, Bay, MI 
Witness: George Revord
Burial*28 March 1928Linwood, Bay, MI 

Alexander Dubay

Father*Alexander Dubay b. 23 Feb 1830, d. 14 Apr 1902
Mother*Anna Louisa Meldrum b. 12 Jul 1833, d. 28 Dec 1906
Birth*11 February 1874Macomb County, MI 
Employment*a lunch counter as a cook when he lived in Aberdeen WA 
Death*12 January 1941Spokane, Spokane, WA 

Sophia J. Rivard

Father*Antoine M. Rivard b. 5 Dec 1797, d. 31 Oct 1887
Mother*Julia Gouin Marsac b. 1 Feb 1806, d. 17 Mar 1888
Birth*22 October 1827MI 
Married NameMrs. Dubay 
CauseDeathhad senility 
Death*27 February 1909Hamtramck, Wayne, MI 
Burial*2 March 1909Assumption Grotto Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 

Thomas Brockelsby

Birth*19 March 1845England 
Marriage*8 May 1901Mary Blonde; Bad Axe, Huron, MI; Rev E. L. Moon officiated with witnesses John Andrew and Mrs. Susan Pife, both of Bad Axe 
(Witness) Death31 January 1908Mary Blonde; Austin Twp., Sanilac, MI 
CauseDeathhad some paralysis, also gangrene with general sepsis 
Death*27 March 1925Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*30 March 1925Grand Lawn Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 


Mary Blonde b. 15 Apr 1859, d. 31 Jan 1908

Anna (Spense) Smart

Married NameRivard 
Marriage*5 May 1890William E. Rivard; Grand Rapids, Kent, MI; John Graham, Minister of the Gospel, officiated with witnesses Cornelius L. Harvey and Cornelius J. DeYoung, both of Grand Rapids 
CauseDeathhad an abdominal tumor and asthma 
Death*25 November 1906Grand Rapids, Kent, MI 
Burial*27 November 1906Fairplains Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Kent, MI 


William E. Rivard b. 2 Feb 1835, d. 28 Mar 1910

Francis Marsack

Father*Catejan Marsack b. 1803, d. a 1870
Mother*Clotilde (?) b. 1803, d. 3 Sep 1876
Birth*9 August 1828Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*15 May 1849Rose Laderoute; Wayne County, MI 
CauseDeathhad general debility 
Death*22 March 1910Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*24 March 1910Assumption Grotto Cemetery, Detroit, MI 


Rose Laderoute b. 18 Jun 1830, d. 8 Sep 1891
Child 1.Josephine Bondy Marsack+ b. c 1868, d. 20 Mar 1911

Bertram Albright Miller

Birth*10 December 1895Williams, Hamilton, IA 
Marriage*1 December 1917Eva Clare Cartwright; Hardin County, IA 
Milit-End*served in the U.S. Army from 24 Jun 1918 - 10 Jun 1919 
Employment*Standard Oil Co as a relief man, then an auto mechanic at Midway Motors in Albert Lea MN 
Death*7 October 1985Freeborn County, MN 


Eva Clare Cartwright b. 23 Oct 1899, d. 15 Oct 2001

Philomena Marsack

Father*Catejan Marsack b. 1803, d. a 1870
Birth*1843Wayne County, MI 

Catejan Marsack

Marriage*Clotilde (?); Wayne County, MI 
Death*after 1870 

Family 1

Clotilde (?) b. 1803, d. 3 Sep 1876
Child 1.Francis Marsack+ b. 9 Aug 1828, d. 22 Mar 1910

Family 2

Child 1.Philomena Marsack b. 1843

Wallace Furton

Father*Fabian Frederick Furton/Freton b. Mar 1837
Mother*Amelia/Emily Meldrum b. 9 Mar 1833, d. 17 Jan 1899
Birth*28 February 1865Chesterfield Twp., Macomb, MI 
Marriage*Amanda Meldrum; Macomb County, MI 
CauseDeathhad chronic nephritis and dropsy 
Death*22 September 1932Chesterfield Twp., Macomb, MI 
Witness: Walter William Furton
Burial*26 September 1932New Baltimore, Macomb, MI 


Amanda Meldrum b. 10 Nov 1865, d. 1 Jan 1893
Child 1.Walter William Furton b. 20 Jan 1891, d. 7 Oct 1949

Agnes Rivard

Father*Louis D. Rivard b. 22 Oct 1858, d. 7 Jun 1921
Mother*Margaret Ellen Green b. 20 Apr 1870, d. 28 Oct 1908
Birth*November 1895Marine City, St. Clair, MI 
Married Name10 July 1930Mrs. Charles N. Anderson; in Detroit, MI with Fr A. Korn officiating with witnesses William & Evilin Vinton 
Occupation*her 2nd husband, Charles N. Anderson, was a locomotive engineer 
Death*after 1940 

John J. McLoon

Birth*20 July 1877Pontiac, Oakland, MI 
Marriage*25 April 1906Eugenia J. Rivard; New Baltimore, Macomb, MI; Fr. C.J. Roeing officiated with witnesses William McLean of Pontiac and Catherine Rivard of New Baltimore 
Witness: Catherine Rivard
Death*23 November 1912Pontiac, Oakland, MI 


Eugenia J. Rivard b. 25 Dec 1879, d. Mar 1966

Elizabeth Rivard

Father*Antoine Rivard b. 22 Apr 1806, d. 13 Aug 1888
Mother*Euphrosine dit St. Louis Villers b. 21 Jun 1817, d. a 1881
Birth*1853Sandwich East, Essex, Ontario, Canada 
CauseDeathhad apoplexy 
Death*1 December 1919Windsor, Essex, Ontario, Canada; surname at death was Hamlin 
Burial*St. Alphonsus Cemetery, Essex, Ontario, Canada 

Russell William Rivard

Father*Oliver Magloire Rivard b. 19 Jul 1863, d. 13 Jul 1941
Mother*Rose Chauvin b. 30 Aug 1873, d. 30 Jul 1948
Birth*30 May 1909Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 
Death*21 June 1909Grosse Pointe Farms, Wayne, MI 
CauseDeathhad valvular trouble of the heart 
Burial*25 June 1909Grosse Pointe, Wayne, MI 

Jennie Huddleston

Birth*April 1870Blackford County, IN 
Married NameSmith 
Marriage*1 March 1890Harvey E. Smith; Montpelier, Wells, IN; after Jennie died, he married Nettie Baumgardner 
CauseDeathhad appendicitis 
Death*31 May 1911at a local hospital, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 
Burial*2 June 1911Oaklawn Cemetery, Tulsa, Tulsa, OK 


Harvey E. Smith b. 19 Oct 1865, d. 4 Jun 1934

Ida (Barney) Hinckley

Birth*29 December 1913ID 
Married NameSommer 
Marriage*26 April 1946Hyrum Samuel Sommer; Spanish Fork, Utah, UT 
Death*1 July 1974Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID 
Burial*Rose Hill Cemetery, Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID 


Hyrum Samuel Sommer b. 8 Jan 1904, d. 20 May 1964

William Tucker

Marriage*7 December 1773Catherine Hazel; Shenandoah County, VA 
Death*7 March 1805Harrison Twp., Macomb, MI 


Catherine Hazel b. 1755, d. 1848
Child 1.John Tucker+ b. 12 Nov 1784, d. 13 Sep 1847