Louis Schwenn

Birth*March 1836Baden, Germany 
Emigration*emmigrated from Angelbachtal/Mickelsfeld in the Grand Duchy of Baden 
Marriage*Frederika Stroh 
CauseDeathhad dropsy 
Death*23 September 1903Bellevue, Huron, OH 
Burial*Bellevue Cemetery, Bellevue, Huron, OH 


Frederika Stroh b. 4 Oct 1835, d. 6 Mar 1911
Child 1.Adam J. Schwenn+ b. Oct 1866, d. 11 Feb 1938

Frederika Stroh

Birth*4 October 1835Baden, Germany 
Marriage*Louis Schwenn 
Married NameSchwenn 
CauseDeathhad valvular heart disease 
Death*6 March 1911Bellevue, Huron, OH 
Burial*8 March 1911Bellevue Cemetery, Bellevue, Huron, OH 


Louis Schwenn b. Mar 1836, d. 23 Sep 1903
Child 1.Adam J. Schwenn+ b. Oct 1866, d. 11 Feb 1938

Leah Welte

Father*John Christopher Welte
Mother*Emily Anne O'Brien

Katie Welte

Father*John Christopher Welte
Mother*Emily Anne O'Brien

Jennifer Frances Doran

Eric Rafferty

John Sieger

Birth*9 April 1844NY 
Marriage*circa 1865Mary Catherine Theut; MI; in 1870 U.S. Census in Detroit MI, with oldest child born in 1866 
Occupation*a shoemaker in Detroit MI 
CauseDeathhad arotic stenosis 
Death*22 July 1910Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*26 July 1910Mt. Elliott Cemetery, Detroit, MI 


Mary Catherine Theut b. Apr 1845, d. 17 Oct 1898
Child 1.Caroline G. Sieger+ b. 10 Sep 1878, d. 7 Apr 1943

Rebecca Starmer

Father*William Starmer b. 1791, d. 1857
Mother*Mary Checkley b. c 1792
Birth*1829Cosby, Leicestershire, England 
Christening15 March 1829Cosby, Leicester, England 
Death*1877Lutterworth, Leicestershire, England; Apr-May-June quarter 

John Starmer

Father*William Starmer b. 1791, d. 1857
Mother*Mary Checkley b. c 1792
Birth*1832Cosby, Leicestershire, England 
Marriage*March 1871Sarah Carter; Blaby, Leicester, England 
Death*1914Leicester, England 


Sarah Carter b. 1839, d. 1900

George Starmer

Father*William Starmer b. 1791, d. 1857
Mother*Mary Checkley b. c 1792
Birth*1835Cosby, Leicestershire, England; later in year 
Marriage*March 1856Rebecca Coleman; Blaby, Leicester, England 
Death*1907Leicester, England; Q 3 - July-Aug-Sep 


Rebecca Coleman b. c 1835, d. 1908

Elizabeth Starmer

Father*William Starmer b. 1791, d. 1857
Mother*Mary Checkley b. c 1792
Birth*1823Cosby, Leicestershire, England; late in year 
Married NameHowkins 
Marriage*1850William Howkins; Blaby, Leicester, England; Q 4 Oct-Nov-Dec 
Death*1896Leicester, England; Q4 - Oct-Nov-Dec 


William Howkins b. 1830, d. 1905

Samuel Starmer

Father*William Starmer b. 1791, d. 1857
Mother*Mary Checkley b. c 1792
Birth*circa 1816Cosby, Leicestershire, England 

William Howkins

Birth*1830Cosby, Leicester, England; late in year 
Marriage*1850Elizabeth Starmer; Blaby, Leicester, England; Q 4 Oct-Nov-Dec 
Death*1905Leicester, England; Q4 - Oct-Nov-Dec 


Elizabeth Starmer b. 1823, d. 1896

Sarah Carter

Birth*1839Leicester, England; Q 4 - Oct-Nov-Dec 
Married NameStarmer 
Marriage*March 1871John Starmer; Blaby, Leicester, England 
Death*1900Leicester, England; Q4 - Oct-Nov-Dec, before her birthday 


John Starmer b. 1832, d. 1914

Rebecca Coleman

Father*John Coleman b. 1789, d. 1866
Birth*circa 1835Cosby, Leicester, England 
Married NameStarmer 
Marriage*March 1856George Starmer; Blaby, Leicester, England 
Death*1908Leicester, England; Q1 - Jan-Feb-March 


George Starmer b. 1835, d. 1907

John Coleman

Birth*1789Willoughby, Leicester, England 
Death*1866Leicester, England; Q1 - Jan-Feb-March 


Child 1.Rebecca Coleman b. c 1835, d. 1908

Mina V. (Van Dyke) Legt

Birth*31 July 1853Netherlands 
Marriage*11 October 1912Alfred Sopjes; Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI; Rev. S. Elderweld officiated with witnesses Wyanda H. Sopjes and M./VanderLuga, both of Kalamazoo 
Married NameSopjes 
CauseDeathhad apoplexy 
Note*Mina was survived by five sons: Garritt, Marinus and Thomas VanderLugt and John and Peter Sopjes, all of Kalamazoo; five daughters, Mrs. Adrianna Poot, Mrs. Marie De Vries, Mrs. Helen Barents and Mrs. Wynanda Koning, all of Kalamazoo, and Mrs. Gertrude Hettinga of Vicksburg; three brothers: Peter and John Van Dyke, both of Kalamazoo, and Garriett Van Dyke of the Netherlands; 14 grandchildren; four gr-grandchildren. 
Death*24 April 1931at home, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI 
Burial*27 April 1931Riverside Cemetery, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI 


Alfred Sopjes b. 16 Dec 1852, d. 1 Feb 1920

John Matthews

Shirley Willis

John Schulte

Father*Casper Schulte b. Aug 1852, d. 20 Nov 1901
Mother*Louisa Wuellner b. 25 Jan 1855, d. 7 Oct 1942
Birth*March 1877Wayne County, MI 
Death*23 June 1881Detroit, Wayne, MI 

Brady Cooper Nason

Father*Richard Michael Nason
Mother*Mary Susan Matthews

Mary Elizabeth Hardy

Father*Michael Hardy b. 12 Apr 1827, d. 8 Nov 1895
Mother*Nancy Ann Laderoute b. 11 Sep 1836, d. 11 Jan 1915
Event-Misc*"I recently learned that another descendent of this line will arrive in January as the first child of Christopher Hofer and my daughter Shannon." email to MK from Bill Delaney in July 2008 
Birth*29 November 1869Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Married NameHofer 
Marriage*24 September 1889Ferdinand G. Hofer; Conner's Creek, Wayne, MI 
Anecdote*"Mary Elizabeth Hardy, daughter of Michael and Nancy, had 16 children by Ferdinand Hofer and Ambrose was the 9th. Ambrose relocated to San Diego where his great-grandson Christopher, my son-in-law, was born! I had a brickwall for a while
trying to find Ambrose in 1930 census as the enumerator wrote "HOFES"!" 
CauseDeathhad myocardial insufficiency 
Death*25 February 1931Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Witness: Ferdinand G. Hofer
Burial*28 February 1931Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 


Ferdinand G. Hofer b. 15 Nov 1865, d. 21 Feb 1940

Ferdinand G. Hofer

Birth*15 November 1865Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Marriage*24 September 1889Mary Elizabeth Hardy; Conner's Creek, Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Death11 January 1915Nancy Ann Laderoute; Gratiot Twp., Wayne, MI 
(Witness) Death25 February 1931Mary Elizabeth Hardy; Detroit, Wayne, MI 
CauseDeathhad a coronary thrombosis and chronic myocarditis 
Death*21 February 1940Detroit, Wayne, MI 
Burial*24 February 1940Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit, Wayne, MI 


Mary Elizabeth Hardy b. 29 Nov 1869, d. 25 Feb 1931

Jen (?)