Wedding Events of Rosemarie and Walter
wedding invitation of Rosemarie Schulte and Walter Jeske
Wedding Invitation

Rosemarie J. Schulte and Walter S. Jeske were married by Father McSherry. It was also the 28th wedding anniversary of Joseph and Sadie Schulte. Alfred J. Trombly, one of Sadie's brothers, was the official photographer - photos from Rosie's albums and scrapbooks. The reception was held at the home of Joe and Sadie Schulte.

The color photos shown were taken by Rosie and Wally's daughter, Mariana (Jeske) Kopacz, from Rosie's scrapbooks and mememtos.

Rosemarie's maid of honor was her cousin, Jacquelyn Trombly. Walter's best man was Mike Berkholz, whose family lived nearby Rosemarie's when they lived in Detroit.

The wedding party also included Marion Schulte, Mary Davis, Phil Bonner, Don Kortes, Ted Banach as ring bearer and Alrene Lyons as flower girl. Mike and Marion married a couple of years later.

Rosemarie's mother, Sadie, made the bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. She also made replica copies for a set of dolls she gave to Rosemarie and Walter. They are shown here on a shawl Rosie and Wally's daughter, Mariana, crocheted decades later using the treble arches stitch.

Joe Schulte walking daughter Rosemarie down the aisle Walter and Rosemarie at the alter at Sacred Heart
Rosemarie and Grandpa Trombly Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jeske
Rosemarie and Walter's wedding napkin, book, silver leaf dolls dressed in replicas of bride and bridesmaids dresses, also groom doll
Rosie and Wally and dinner guests at the dining room 
table in home of Joe and Sadie schulte

Rosemarie and Wally cutting their wedding cake Rosemarie feeding Wally a piece of wedding cake
Wally and Rosemarie holding doll replicas with Rosie's dog, Pudgy, 
in front of fireplace in living room
Rosemarie and wedding guests celebrating in the basement Mary Davis, Aunt Marie - wife of Jesse Schulte, Mrs. Berkholz, Mike Berkholz in basement
Wally and Rosie in car with just married sign Wally and Rosie after they renewed their vows at St. Thecla in 1989

In the summer before the wedding Rosemarie had a wedding shower in August and Walter had a bachelor party in September.
In July the wedding party and Rosie's parents went on a picnic and boating trip to the Pontiac Lake Recreation area.

Rosie's wedding shower invitation inside of shower invitation
note Rosie wrote about her wedding shower in her scrapbook Thank you note sent by Rosie to wedding shower guests
List of guests at Rosie's wedding shower who gave Rosie a card and cards given to Rosie and Wally for their wedding
Rosemarie's wedding shower on 24 August 1949
On 28 August 1948 Rosie received her engagement ring from Wally for her 19th birthday.
Rosie & Wally were also in the wedding party of Marion Bodenstedt and Ray Vasser on that day.

Wally's bachelor party
wedding party picnic in July 1949 to Pontiac Lake area
wedding party picnic, more photos
picnic by Pontiac Lake, Joe on boat
Wally and Rosie in a rowboat on the lake Joe and Sadie Schulte in a boat on Lake Pontiac

After they were married Rosie and Wally spent a week travelling in Michigan for their honeymoon. In late summer 1955 they returned to many of the same places with young daughters Mariana and Darleen, while Rosie's parents looked after their son, Alan. They rode the ferry from lower MI to upper MI as the Mackinac Bridge was not yet built.

In later years they returned many times to favorite Michigan places with their family and neighbors.