Anthony and Wilhelmina (Knoche) Schulte Family of Detroit

Anthony and Wilhelmina (Knoche) Schulte Family of Detroit
in the early 1920's and late 1960's

Anthony Schulte family in mid 1920's

back row: l-r - Elmer, Aloysius, Frank, Edwin "Jessie", Albert, Anthony "Tony", Joe
front row: l-r - William "Bill", Lidwina, mother -Wilhelmina "Minnie", Mary, Arthur

children of Anthony and Wilhelmina with their spouses

back row: l-r - Elmer Schulte, Joe Schulte, Frank Schulte, Marie (Starke), Jesse Schulte, Bill Schulte,
front row: l-r - Lidwina (Schulte) Geiger, Marie (Maddelein), Sadie (Trombly), Sylvia (Claeys),
Caroline (Morris), Mary Schulte

Marie beside Jesse is his wife, Marie beside Sadie is the wife of Elmer
Sylvia is the wife of Frank, Caroline is the wife of Bill

Aloysius, Albert, Tony and Arthur Schulte and Ed Geiger had passed away by time this photo was taken
more details about all of these people are in the Data section of this website