scenes from Halloween party at Joe and Sadie Schulte's in 1953
girl and boy bobbing for apples

These photos are from Rosie (Schulte) Jeske's old photo album.
They were taken in Joe and Sadie Schulte's basement
on 13 Mile Rd in Roseville Michigan
on October 31, 1953.

Betty and Jack on Halloween
Betty (Elizabeth Schulte) Pare and Jack Schulte playing game
Betty is the daughter of Bill and Caroline Schulte
in back on left are Shirley (Trombly) and Jim Conboy
Gloria Trombly in white talking to her sister, Bevy Trombly
beside Bevy are Jackie (Trombly) and Don "Red" Duffey
seated in front of them is Marcella Banach, a sister of Sadie (Trombly) Schulte

Dick Schulte bobbing for apples
Dick Schulte, son of Frank and Sylvia (Claeys), bobbing for apples

Betty (Burke) Schulte, Caroline Schulte, Jesse Schulte
on left is Betty (Burke), wife of Bill Schulte Jr.
beside her is her mother-in-law, Caroline (Morris) Schulte,
next is Edwin "Jesse" Schulte

David Lyons, Jesse Schulte, Frank Schulte
David Lyons on left, Katie (Bauer) Schulte sitting by back wall,
Jesse Schulte standing in middle
Billy Schulte Jr. sitting in dress, Frank Schulte beside him

Shirley Conboy, Beata Lyons, Marcella Banach, 
         Jimmy Schulte, Jackie and Don Duffey in back
from left: Shirley (Trombly) Conboy - daughter of Eugene and Stella,
Beata (Trombly) Lyons, Marcella (Trombly) Banach sitting
Jimmy Schulte on right, a son of Elmer and Marie (Maddelein)

Ted Banach, Katy (Bauer) - wife of John
Ted Banach sitting on left. He is Marcella's husband.
Katie Schulte (wife of John "Jack" Schulte, a son of Frank and Sylvia)
Betty (Schulte) Pare, Jim Pare

Mike Berkholz and Marcella Banach dancing
Mike Berkholz and Marcella Banach on the dance floor
Mike is the husband of Marion (Schulte) who is the daughter of Elmer and Marie Schulte.
Melvin E. Trombly, son of Eugene, is on the left.

Rosie (Schulte) and Wally Jeske in their wacky costumes
Rosemarie "Rosie" and Wally Jeske in their wacky costumes
Rosie is the daughter of Joe and Sadie Schulte

image of crochected plaid pumpkin

Sadie and Joe Schulte with others at a Halloween party around 1950
Sadie and Joe Schulte on the right as Raggedy Andy and Ann for Halloween.
This may have been at a different party than the one from 1953,
sometime in the late 1940's to early 1950's.