Greenbush Barret School group in Wisconsin 1887

Greenbush School group in 1887 in WI
from left in back: Roy Mansfield, Fred Gilman, Charley Zemke, Clyde Bricker, John Knowles, Wyman Dall,
Willie Zemke, Ralph Gibson, Mary Bricker, Lizzie Cotterill, Mattie Roberts
from left in front: Henry Wirm, Ernest Gilman, Elmer Dall, H. Mansfield, Jessie Deifrick,
Carrie Deidrick, Anna Zemke, Hattie Knowles, Ethel Gilman, Hannah Cotterill

obtained copy from the Sheboygan Historical Research Center

Mary Helen Bricker - daughter of John and Frances J. (Barber) Bricker, born 7 July 1874, died 23 December 1958 in Fond du Lac WI. She was the mother of Royal John Gibson